Mountain Guide Office - La Côte
Swiss Mountaineering School
La Bouriaz 22
CH-1265 La Cure
+41 (0)22 360 02 60
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Opening hours
8h-12h 13h-19h

What you have to know

  • Mont Blanc can be climbed by every person in good physical condition
  • However, you have to have a minimum of alpine experience
  • Mont Blanc is not an object of consumption !
  • An ascent of this type has a price : patience, respect, effort, safety regulations
  • We do not begin his climber's career with the Mont Blanc !
  • The learning of mountain climbing begins somewhere else !
  • By making gradually other beautiful summits in the Alps
  • 300 in 400 departures a day in summer, 151 rescues on the summer
  • 50 % of success rates with a guide!
  • However the mountain guide has no obligation of result !

  • We advise to you gladly to prepare your level of fitness !
  • Contact us by phone or by e-mail for more details !

"The night before Mont Blanc ascent"